LG 2 : Literal Equations

 LEARNING OBJECTIVE:        BTEOTPSWBAT...... UNIT 1 - Equations and Inequalities
 -Each student will be able to solve a literal equation for any of its given variables. 

-Each student will increase their understanding of general Algebra concepts and application. 

  LG 1 - Solving Equations
LG 2 - Literal Equations
LG 3 - Solving Inequalities
LG 4 - Compound Inequalities
LG 5 - Absolute Value Equations
LG 6 - Equation Word Problems


Video Introduction

Regents Prep – Literal Equations introduction


This site offers a step by step guide for solving literal equations.

1. Write down all of example 1, including the work.  Next to this problem, write the step of work each time in your own words. You should have written at least 2 steps down. 

2. Look at example 2.  What was done to both sides of the equation to eliminate the fraction 1/2 on the right side?

If you can't figure it out,  watch this 3 minute video, otherwise you can move on to the next section. 

Purplemath – Literal Equations


This site offers examples of how to solve equations for a given variable with work shown.

Examine the first five bullet points only. Using the methods shown in the work of these examples:

3. Explain the step to solve   d = rt  for t .  Show the work and write down what you did to each side next to your work. 

4. Explain the steps needed to solve P = 2L + 2w for L.  Show the work and write down what you did to each side next to your work.       

 (For extra help on this problem, watch this video    Khan academy 3)

5. Looking at the 5th bullet (black dot), copy the work and write an explanation for each of the steps that are shown to solve for t.

Algebra-Class: Solving Literal Eq. 


 6. Look at example 2.  Explain why they multiplied both sides of the equation by 3. 

McGraw-Hill Section 2.4 Literal Equations


This is a section from a textbook. We will only be looking at example #1.

7.  Examining the process for solving example 1, describe what is done to each side to eliminate the fraction. Hint: The answer to my question is written in blue

Regents Prep Literal Equations Practice


8. Solve problem #3.  Do this without clicking the answer.  If you need help, then you may click the answer. 

PARTNER PROBLEM - When you have completed these problems, you must solve the problem below and bring it to me. I will examine your work and determine if you can move on. You may use a partner for help if they are sitting near you.  Be sure to answer both part A and part B