LG 3 : Solving Inequalities

 LEARNING OBJECTIVE:        BTEOTPSWBAT...... UNIT 1 - Equations and Inequalities
  •   solve basic inequalities, graph basic inequalities, represent their solution set using both interval and set-builder notation
  LG 1 - Solving Equations
LG 2 - Literal Equations
LG 3 - Solving Inequalities
LG 4 - Compound Inequalities
LG 5 - Absolute Value Equations
LG 6 - Equation Word Problems

Quick Review of the Basics (if you need it): 

1. Watch this (with your headphones....)

2. Watch this:  

TASK 1: 
Group Thoughts: 

In your table groups, brainstorm things that you remember about solving inequalities. List them in your notes:
You need to have :   3 < ideas < 5     get it??? :)

TASK 2: 
Solve these in your group, and graph them: 

TASK 3: Group discussion, check to make sure you have correctly solved and graphed the above problems. 

Use the "Working with Notations" handout  and watch the video BELOW