LG 5 : Absolute Value Equations

 LEARNING OBJECTIVE:        BTEOTPSWBAT...... UNIT 1 - Equations and Inequalities
  •  correctly solve equations that contain the absolute value symbol.
  LG 1 - Solving Equations
LG 2 - Literal Equations
LG 3 - Solving Inequalities
LG 4 - Compound Inequalities
LG 5 - Absolute Value Equations
LG 6 - Equation Word Problems

TODAY'S Lesson

After the quiz....

1. watch this video, you must copy down the examples shown in your notes (Label them U1LG5)    Solving Absolute Value Equations 

2-Copy down example 2 in your notes from this site:   Regents Prep Absolute Value Equations

3 - We Will do go through a powerpoint togetheras a class (attached) - write equations together.
we will have a partner for each different equation.

4. Together we will look at the graphs of the absolute value equation. We will be using the graphing calculator. 

4. Click here to Use this site to explore the properties of absolute value graphs.  
  • What happens when the number in front of the absolute value is negative? 
  • What happens when we subtract a number inside the absolute value?
  • What quadrant would the 
equations  y=abs(x-100)-25  be in? 

5. Assignment:  Do #1-14 , 31,32,33 mathworksheetsgo  SHOWN to the RIGHT---->
(download this to your desktop, email to yourself, take a photo with your phone so you have a copy if you need one)

Solving Absolute Value Equations