LG 6 : Equation Word Problems

Learning Goal:  BTEOTPESWBET:
...correctly set up and solve D=rt problems, mixture problems,  and consecutive integer problems

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1. A group of campers and one group leader left a campsite in a canoe. They traveled at an average rate of 10 km/h. Two hours later, the other group leader left the campsite in a motorboat. He traveled at an average rate of 22 km/h. How long had each boat traveled when the motorboat caught up with the canoe?

2. On his way to work from home, your uncle averaged only 20 miles per hour. On his drive home, he averaged 40 miles per hour. If the total travel time was 1 1/2 hours, how long did it take him to drive to work?

3. Sarah and John leave Perryville traveling in opposite directions on a straight road. Sarah drives 12 miles per hour faster than John. After 2 hours, they are 176 miles apart. Find Sarah's speed and John's speed.

4. Air Travel A jet leaves the South Bend, IN, airport traveling at an
average rate of 564 km/h. Another jet leaves the airport one half hour later
traveling at 744 km/h in the same direction. How long will the second jet take
to overtake the first?

5. Two trains leave Elkhart in at the same time traveling in opposite directions. One train travels at 60mph and the other travels at 75 mph. How many hours after leaving the station are the trains 648 miles apart?


1.      Find two consecutive integers whose sum is 45.

 2.      Find three consecutive even integers whose sum is 72.

3.       Find four consecutive odd integers whose sum is 56.

4. The sum of three consecutive integers is 915.What are the integers?

5.. The sum of two consecutive even integers is -298.What are the integers?

6. Three friends were born in consecutive years. The sum of their birth years is 5961.  Find the year in which each person was born.


1. )   Suppose you work in a lab. You need a 15% acid solution for a certain test, but your supplier only  ships a 10% solution and a 30% solution. Rather than pay the hefty surcharge to have the supplier make a 15% solution, you decide to mix 10% solution with 30% solution, to make your own 15% solution. You need 10 liters of the 15% acid solution. How many liters of 10% solution and 30% solution should you use?

2. How many pounds of chocolate worth $1.20 a pound must be mixed with 10 pounds of  chocolate worth 90 cents a pound to produce a mixture worth $1.00 a pound?

3. For her birthday party Nicole mixed together 4 L of Brand-A fruit punch and 2 L of Brand-B. Brand A contains 46% fruit juice and Brand-B contains 40% fruit juice. What percent of the mixture is fruit juice?

4. Coffee worth $1.05 per pound is mixed with coffee worth 85¢ per pound to obtain 20 pounds of a mixture worth 90¢ per pound. How many pounds of each type are used?

5. How many pounds of M&M’s selling for $2.00 per pound should be mixed with 2 pounds of Raisinettes selling for $3.00 per pound to obtain a mixture selling for $2.20 per pound?