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LG 3 - Multiply Polynomials

LG 1 - Exponent Properties

Hello Students, I told you that I would be gone today and this is what you are to do during this class period.
 Please complete the following items IN ORDER!!   Stay focused and work hard, and as a trade-off, you will not have homework over the weekend. 

Part 1: 
1.  I sent you an email asking you to join Khan Academy.  Please accept my invite,  choose GOOGLE as your login method, and use your student email address to register for my class Khan academy.   Once you are registered, I can track your progress and assign you problems on the website. You should 5 correct, in a row, before moving on! 
If you cannot complete this step for some reason, you may continue anyway. 

2. You may practice a few more problems on the Add/Subtract Polynomials  for a warm up.  Get your 5 in a row!!  Are you remembering to distribute the  minus sign? 
Also, make sure you are using the ^  sign for exponents!  3x^2  means three x squared!

Part 2: 

Watch BOTH  videos
Video 1: FOIL Method Video 


Be sure to multiply correctly:
Be Sure to use the proper format for your answer:

Practice 1: 

PART 3: 

Now you may move on to Learning Goal 4 : Basic Factoring......
You should get through BOTH learning goals 
Be sure to get 5 in a row, like you are supposed to!  This will count as your assignment grade, and there will be no homework.  You will do more if you don't get 5 correct in a row!

                       EXTRA PRACTICE