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Retaking a Test

All tests may be retaken!  These are the largest percentage of your final grade so if you do poorly this is the fastest way to improve your grade. Although to do better, you need to KNOW THE MATERIAL!

You will have 2 weeks after the test is returned and you see your grade to retake a test.  After that a test may not be retaken.

If you are not satisfied with your test grade, you are welcome to work to be eligible for a test retake. Here are some things to remember:

1. I will only keep your retest grade, even if it is worse.  
This is motivation to make sure that you know what you did wrong the first time, have worked to understand that topic better, and you are confident you will do better.  Don't let this stop you!!!  Just work hard and be confident you know the material better than the first time!

2. You must first complete a retake ticket and a test reflection to be eligible.  
This helps me ensure that you have worked at getting better.  You may choose to do more problems focused in the area(s) you struggled, but this is the minimum requirement.

3. Don't let this interfere with your current work.
Retaking a test is to help your overall grade. Don't neglect your current assignments!

Test retake procedures may be different depending on the test or even depending on the specific student. Ask Mr Wilson for a retest ticket, and if there is anything else that needs to be done.   (for example I may make you complete your assignments before you can take the test, if you hadn't done them before the test. )