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What if I'm Absent?

 When you are absent from school, you are responsible for all material that you missed.  Don't wait to get caught up!  Do it right away so you don't miss out on important information, or fall further behind.  When you are absent these steps will help you:

1. Check Assignment Calendar - Look at the calender/assignments to know what you must complete.

2. Get Notes from Friend - Ask a classmate for any notes/handouts you may have missed.

3. Get missing work -  If you have missed a handout, you will go to the appropriate "extra copies" bin to retrieve a copy.

4. Show me assignment that was due!! -  Show me your assignment that was due the day you were absent! 
 (Frequently students forget to do this and blame me for making a mistake because I still have their assignment marked as 0 points!)

5. Learn the material you missed: Read the examples in the textbook, use the notes you copied, and help from others around you to complete the assignment you missed. There are tutorial videos available on the online textbook that follow the textbook examples. These are also very helpful to learn the material you missed.

Remember YOU are responsible for making up any homeworks, quizzes, or tests.  Try to get help from classmates and myself throughout class time to get caught up and if you need additional assistance at the end of class, work out a time with me to get more help!