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Class Syllabus & Grading

Class Expectations:
1. Respect others and their property.
2. Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to be doing it with a great attitude and a great effort. 

Definition of Tardy:
1. Not in your seat when the bell rings.
2. Not prepared for class, bringing basic materials necessary for success.


Semester Grade:
40% 1st Quarter
40% 2nd Quarter
20% Semester Exam

Quarter Grades are determined as follows:
10%  Homework/Assignment/Notes (based on effort)
20%  Quizzes  (formative assessment with unlimited retakes within a unit)
70% Summative assessment  - Retake possible after qualifying work completed (see teacher for details)

Types of Grades
Daily Assignments(10%): These are graded on completion and effort.  1 or 2 incomplete problems isn't a big deal, but if you are confused enough to not complete more than that, you should get help before the start of the next class. I generally assign 0,2, or 5 points per assignment. You can expect an assignment 90% of all class periods throughout the year.  I generally do not accept late assignments at all.  We spend about 1/3 of our class time going over these assignments and answering questions. Incomplete assignments exclude you from being productive during this part of the class.  If it is a rare occurrence you can speak with me and I may grant you the permission to finish it late for points. Otherwise, NO LATE WORK. 

Homework Quizzes (20%):  These are short focused quizzes that are generally never over more than 2 sections worth of material. These are given after we correct the assignment and you have the opportunity to ask questions. These have UNLIMITED RETAKES, so if at first you don't succeed.......   Click here for more details

Tests (70%): Tests will be given and will account for the largest portion of your grade. This is how you prove what you have learned. 
Retakes are available for every test except the quarterly exams. Extra work is required before taking a test. Click here for details

My philosophy:  You are responsible for your grade.   You will get what you earn. Your grade with reflect what you have learned.  I expect that you check your grades online at least weekly.  I expect that you will have work done on time, and you will approach me to make up any quizzes, tests, etc.  I will not hunt you down.  Remember, you are responsible for your grade.  If I make an error, you can easily fix that by showing me the assignment/quiz that is marked incorrectly. You should never throw things away for this reason alone.  

 This philosophy promotes responsibility, organization, determination, independence, and high-work ethic.  All of these traits will serve you well in all areas of your life. 
Brant Wilson,
Mar 30, 2016, 11:23 AM